Amazon Prime to offer FREE one day shipping to ALL prime members!

Just in case you missed this on the news yesterday and today-Amazon is planning on making FREE ONE DAY shipping as default for all prime members! What an awesome benefit. I am a huge amazon fan/customer. For me it’s all about convenience and also we live in a smaller town so I have a quick option without the drive. But, the other day I realized you know Amazon is wonderful tor so many different reasons to so many people. It also helps out elderly who may not be able to get out as easily as well.

Anyhow, I don’t need to convince you that Amazon is awesome because you probably already know-but FREE One Day Shipping is definitely a good perk too:) I don’t know the date this will be in effect yet, but keep watching for Amazons announcement!

Not a member yet?! Try it free for 30 Days!

Want to give amazon prime as a gift-what an awesome gift that would be!

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