Grateful Heart

Do you ever take a minute to think wow-somewhere in this crazy ride everyone is growing up-like way too fast! I usually sit and wonder how I can slow that down but more and more lately I have been thinking wow-how I am so lucky to be their mom!

Don’t get me wrong I still totally miss Sippy cups, Disney junior, and just the simplicity of life back then, but I also am starting to really enjoy the new part of our journey, especially the excitement when they accomplish things they never thought possible and helping them grow into these (even more than you ever could imagine) amazing people! Somewhere over the last 16 years, through all the ups and downs, I think I can finally see life is going to be beautiful at all stages! I will still cry like a crazy mom for every milestone ( I mean it!) but I will also appreciate every minute and be there every minute I can. This week I have been a proud mama, my kids have had some awesome accomplishments and as I look at it all I realize we have had so many awesome accomplishments as a family over the past year especially! So, don’t forget to stop and take a minute to realize what amazing people you are raising!❤️

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