Fun and Festive Christmas Cheese Tray

Fun Christmas shaped cheese!

Last weekend I had to come up with a fun and festive but healthy treat to bring, and I know the easy thing to do would have been to go out and buy a fruit or veggie tray, but I wanted to make it fun for my daughter so I came up with the idea to use mini cookie cutters to make the cheese in festive shapes.  

Here is what I learned and suggest.  I bought cracker cuts-precut small squares of cheese and that made the cutting so much easier.  I also saved all my cheese scraps for my husband and kids!  The cookie cutters were perfect though!  I had an old set, but do you think I could remember where I put those?  So, Amazon to the rescue!! I ordered this set!

Of course I lined the perimeter of the tray with snowflake crackers!  I had to share, because even in the midst of crazy holiday busy-there are so many ways to make it fun and festive and not break the bank!  I am simple that’s for sure-but this cheese tray made my daughter smile when she took it to school!

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