Don’t forget your dog this Christmas!

We are the kind of people who make a separate Christmas Card for our dog to send out, so if that tells you how much a part of the family she is then the rest of this will make perfect sense!  We have a 3 year old Labradoodle named Bella and she is an awesome family dog!  From day one Bella was special and not exactly what we expected but that is what makes it so much more even! So, when the holidays roll in it is really important to make sure you don’t forget about your pet in all the hustle and bustle.  I know all animals are different but ours can be a bit stressed out from time to time and just hauling lots of boxes up and down the stairs this weekend and putting up a Christmas tree in her living room was clearly enough to make her stress some!  Here is some fun ways to include your pet this holiday season. (And yes we do these!)

 A Holiday Countdown Calendar for your dog! This is such a good idea if you think about it.  I always have holiday countdown calendars for my kids so why not for the dog!  You can put a small treat in for each day.  Obviously would need to keep this out of your pets reach though:)

 Waterproof dog jackets-now some may quickly say dogs don’t need coats, but I will have to argue with that, as when you send your pet out to the yard in the snow, every dog owner knows when they come back in they need to be dried off and the whole process is well more than most want to deal with.  With the jacket or vest the majority of the body stays dry-definitely makes it easier!  Our Bella sports a super fun pink puffer jacket:)

 Everyones stockings are hung with care and yes I mean everyone!  We have this exact stocking for our dog and its super cute!  The kids fill this stocking for our dog at our house, and it is hung at the stair gate with care!

 A good, fun, and cute Christmas themed dog toy!  Now, our dog absolutely LOVES to get new toys and that said a new toy usually last only about 24 hrs here, regardless to how much we spend on it or how strong it claims to be.  But, she loves them so much, it is totally worth it!  

 A good pair of Christmas Antlers for your dog!  I know every pet everywhere is probably like give me a break!  But, this is definitely one for the holiday photos!

 Don’t forget a Yummy Holiday Dog Treat for their stocking too!  Our dog is on a grain free diet, but so are many and you can find many healthy, fun and festive Christmas treats!

Definitely we also want to remember to keep our pets safe during the holiday season!  Try to keep your pet on the same or a similar schedule if possible.  You can also check out many great pet holiday tips here on  Have a safe, happy and healthy howlidays!!!

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