Head Lice-Prevention is the Key!

Head Lice is spread by close person to person contact and what better time of year or this than school time and winter with all the hats and snow gear all piled up near each other!  Head lice is a parasitic insect that is on your head and feeds on you!  The CDC estimated that 6-12 million cases of head lice occur each year in children 3-11.  So, if that information isn’t enough to get your head itching-read on and learn more, particularly I want to focus on prevention. 

First off head lice crawl, they do not jump or fly, which means they spread by direct contact or by clothing such as hat/coat, etc.  Head lice can be seen on the scalp as an egg or also called a nit, and this is a small white egg that usually is attached well to the hair shaft and they can also be seen as a nymph which is an immature louse and also as fully grown louse.  Head lice can be commonly found behind the ears and at the back on the neck/hairline, but hair should be inspected completely if their is believed to be or has been any infestations.  The most common symptom of head lice is itching! 

So, what to do if you have head lice?! My favorite treatment resource is the CDC, as they always have the most up to date guidelines on treatment. As it is very in depth, I will just refer you to that page! See the treatment link here:  https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/gen_info/faqs_treat.html 

How can I prevent head lice-that is what most parents are saying I think.  Here are some prevention guidelines from the CDC website as well:

  • Avoid direct head to head contact when playing
  • Don’t share hats, coats, scarves, hair brushes, hair bows, ties, etc.
  • Don’t lay on beds, couches, pillows etc where their has been an infested person
  • Follow all guidelines for treatment and cleaning to ensure head lice does not spread/return

Lastly, I have heard of so so many products to help repel or basically make your hair/scalp a place head lice wouldn’t enjoy.  I have tried a few, but one we stick with now regularly is Fairytales Shampoo and Conditioner.  We use this regularly during the school year on school days, to help repel head lice.  So, you can get this shampoo/conditioner many places I believe but we love our Amazon so I will include the link below:)  Best of luck to preventing Head Lice!


* The CDC Website was my main resource for information above regarding Head Lice.  This article does contain affiliate link and I thank you for your support.



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