Embrace Your Own Crazy!

Let’s just face it, we all have our own crazy, some of us just hide it better than others!  Tonight I was cleaning up the kitchen table after we finished up homework and getting ready to make dinner before Religion Class started.  I had been thinking all day what to make, because we all just got over the stomach flu and I wanted to go easy and avoid red sauces maybe.  So, the kids and I decided on Tuna Noodle, pretty basic, low key and should settle ok. 

So, I got started and the noodles were almost done boiling when I realized we have no tuna!! So, at this point with religion class approaching I decided to continue on and make it just like it was tuna noodle just without the tuna.  I decided I would fix this situation by adding lots of shredded cheese as well, cheese makes everything better, am I right?!

Well, as soon as my girls found out there was no tuna they quickly renamed supper to tunaless noodle! They thought this was hilarious.  We laughed and enjoyed our tunaless noodle supper together!  My point of sharing my slightly embarrassing story is nobody has it together all the time, nobody! We all just try our best.  

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