Cold and Flu Season Approaching-Are you ready??!

Cold and Flu Season Approaching

I know for me as a mom and nurse I sort of dread cold and flu season!  Depending on where you live this can really differ, however here in the Midwest where I am we see a major pick up on illness October through March with Influenza statistically being at its highest December-March.  So, it is obviously best to plan ahead and PREVENT as much as you can!  I know, people have all sorts of opinions about germs but the bottom line is most of us can agree as a parent at least being sick is no fun, having a sick household is no fun, missing work, missing school, doctor visits, extra expenses for literally everything from medications needed to Kleenex-we can all agree prevention is necessary as much as possible! 
  • So, the easiest way to stay healthy during this time of year is simple, handwashing! Seriously, sounds easy enough but believe it or not so many people don’t do this (Disgusting!) Washing your hands well after they are soiled, using the restroom, or before eating/preparing any foods will help cut down on the spread of germs.  In the event that soap and water is not available the next best thing would be using a hand sanitizer.
  • Next, one I like to repeat daily to my youngest is to keep hands away from your face/mouth/nose, as germs are always on your hands whether we like it or not, so giving them a direct route in is not helpful! 
  • We also must not forget to try our best to eat a healthy diet.  I know I have kids too and this is not always easy!  Also, if you have ever noticed it does cost more to eat healthy.  Try your best to not let those obstacles get in your way and try to eat healthy and stay hydrated to help keep your immune system at it best!
  • Sleep!!!! Seriously, definitely this one is important and the one I think I personally fail the most at!  I know their are charts out there saying how much sleep is necessary per age level, etc.  But at our house we go by trying our best.  Yes, I have a bedtime set at 8:30 pm for my girls, but realistically that does not happen every night.  Life happens so just keeping in mind, this time of year where viruses are running a little more wild, trying to ensure enough sleep.
  • Get your Flu Vaccine.  The CDC recommends everyone 6 months of age and older to get a flu vaccination this year.  This has been proven to be one of the best ways to prevent influenza.

Ok, so now we have done our best to prevent illness, but realistically it can and likely will still happen, so below is a super helpful chart from the CDC website that outlines a cold versus the flu (influenza).


I hope you have found some of this helpful!  I also hope everyone has the healthiest fall/winter season!  

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