Peppermint Headache Sticks

Ok, so as a migraine sufferer I am always looking for pain relief from headaches.  I used to love the Head On product that got recalled and then I started searching for a perfect replacement, I went through tons of different products until I finally found this one-Peppermint Headache Sticks.  My girls and I love these-they aren’t a perfect fix, but I will tell you they take the edge off the headache for a short time and it allows you to get some immediate relief.  Truthfully, we use this in conjunction with a pain reliever as well, I use Excedrin Migraine but my daughter uses Tylenol.  So, give it a chance you will be happily surprised.  I know their is a lot of migraine relief products out there, I have tried a billion of them!!! Click here to take a look-from Amazon!

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