No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Halloween is coming up and we are big pumpkin decorators here.  So, we do like to carve a few pumpkins, a day or two before Halloween, but I also do like to spread out the decorating fun by doing no carve pumpkin ideas as well.  One of the easiest (for moms and dads too) is the foam decorating stickers.  This was one of my favorites last year.  Check out the foam stickers on Amazon:

Halloween Funny Face Stickers $10.99

My next favorite way to do a no carve pumpkin has to be painting pumpkins!!  We definitely do this one outside or in the garage and each year we seem to even come up with a better set up.  One awesome tip is to have folding tables out and chairs so they can sit and work on their pumpkin.  Last year I bought just some cheap plastic party tablecloths to cover my white plastic tables and that worked awesome.  We like to make sure we have plenty of pretty colored paints, brushes, sponges, papertowels, and paper plates for using as a paint palette.  Check out some option below from Amazon:

Another fun way to decorate pumpkins is with push in pieces, however remember once you make a hole into a pumpkin it will not keep as long, so especially remember to keep an eye on those ones.  We have bought many different push in pumpkin kits over the years, Disney ones with Minnie mouse, Mr Potato Head ones, and many other fun Halloween designs.  Check out some push in kits from Amazon:

Last but not least-where can you get all these pumpkins to decorate?? My favorite way is to frow pumpkins each year, but we have some years with just a few and some with so many we give them away!  Other great places to keep your eyes peeled are pumpkin patches of course, but also you can even buy these at your local shopping stores.  Happy decorating and hope you and your family have a great Halloween season!




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