Heavy Words


Sometimes life presents to you circumstances where you think you may not ever be able to get through them.  Sometimes we have to realize we can not “fix” everything.  Sometimes we get to truly see how unfair life can be.  Sometimes we have to relearn we can not control life.  Sometimes all we can do is have HOPE!

This is one of those times for me and my family right now.  The last 6 months has been filled with HEAVY WORDS for us- CANCER, BIOPSY, MALIGNANCY, BENIGN,  MEDICATION, LABS, SCANS, and hardest of all waiting.  As I have blogged about in the past, last April my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer.  That day, those words will be forever in my mind, I couldn’t “fix it”, make it better or take away the fear.  We stood strong and fought hard as a family and the cancer was removed and now we are left with what’s next?!

Earlier this week, my daughter had a biopsy of some large lymph nodes near where her cancer had been-we got some great news last night-the lymph node biopsy was Benign!  I was thrilled, shocked and so happy for her.  We got through our first “scare”! I know this nightmare is not over and it isn’t even really a nightmare, it just seems so, but it is our new reality.  My daughter has taught me so much the last couple months-her strength is amazing and I couldn’t be prouder, but that said she still struggles so much every day.

Thyroid Cancer is not the “Good Cancer” like you may read.  The doctors don’t even begin to explain to you how different life is going to be after the surgery.  She had complications, that are seeming to be permanent and that require multiple medications, multiple times daily.  I share this today with happiness-the lymph nodes are currently Benign!; with sadness-life is so stinking unfair; and with most of all HOPE-hope for not only our future, but hope that someone who needs this today reads and gets that HOPE needed that even though life is unfair, unpredictable and uncontrollable-we can still have HOPE-together for one another.  Knowledge is POWER and CANCER SUCKS, so together lets take these heavy words and hold them for each other when needed.  No one should ever have to fight alone.

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