I promise to love you no matter what.

I promise to be the best mom I can be.

I promise to be your biggest cheerleader.

I promise to always have your back.

I promise to always have an ear to listen.

I promise to always have open arms to hold and hug you.

I promise to cry happy and sad tears with you and for you.

I promise to hold you up and pull you through if you ever get too tired.

I promise to always respect you.

I promise to always do my best to protect you.

I promise you are loved and love will always win.

You see my dear I promise you that even though I can’t stop the rain, I will always be there right by your side.  Sometimes my dear life is challenging and I promise you never will have to go through it alone.  I promise you, you are loved no matter what.

Crazy Happy Mom Life 2018



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