Just Keep Swimming!!!


I couldn’t think of a more perfect title for this blog entry today~Just Keep Swimming!  So here we are already heading toward the end of August, getting back in to school full swing, and wondering how we are going to handle all this again!  Ok, so maybe it’s just me but I’m willing to bet there are some other moms and dads out there feeling the same way! 

My family has been hit with some pretty heavy, difficult circumstances in 2018 and even though the year is not over, I feel like the start of school marks a new part of the year, so as I have put many sleepless nights, worries, and tears into my thoughts, I have decided this is our time to turn our not so great year around.  I have been away from my mom blog (Crazy Happy Mom Life) for a couple months, mostly because I was doing just that living the Crazy Happy Mom Life! 

I wanted to take a minute out of my day to reach out to any of my friends and followers who may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now.  You are so not alone!  I used to think it was crazy when my kiddos were little and once they grew up some and got into school that life would get easier-but SHOCKER, I was wrong!  It is actually quite the opposite.  I would love to go back to those toddler days, problems were much smaller and I could make it better most days.  Reality is life is complicated no matter what-and I am beginning to think what screws things up most is what we think life is suppose to be like.  

As a mom, we wear an invisible cape, we have super mom powers and we feel it is necessary to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.  I can say this, because I am describing myself.  I think I have always been this way, your typical Type A personality, people pleaser, and feels the need to make sure everyone is happy.  That being said, as we start the new school year, I am going to remember I am not alone, I am one of many moms out there feeling the same way.  I am also not the mom you will see posting a big YEAH! for back to school, I actually dread it as much as my kids.  I miss the kids and our time together.  Once the hustle of school starts, stress levels rise and schedules tend to fill up way to fast.  I have 3 kids, in 3 different school this year and my schedule never has a dull moment, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

So, as I sat down to check my email this afternoon, I was (and constantly am) thinking about the kids and all the other parents out there as well.  We are in this together and our support may very well be the only thing keeping us going. I am taking this year one day at a time, but one thing is for sure, even amidst all the trials in our life lately and all the craziness I will not lose sight of who I am.  I will be the first to admit sometimes I feel like a crazy mom, a worried mom, a terrified mom, a not cool mom, but at the end of the day I am a mom who loves her family more than life itself and I will continue through this crazy happy mom life-just keep swimming!!


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