Hello Summer!

HELLO SUMMER~So Close You Can Feel It!

Ok, I know it is not the last week of school for everyone but we are on our last couple days here and I could not be more excited.  For so very many reasons this has been a really hard long school year at our house and I am looking forward to making the most of the summer!  I love summer!  I hate when it’s cold so this weather has been great (minus the whole extreme pollen thing lately-thank goodness for allergy medicine:)

I am currently a stay at home mom who does some odd jobs on the side to help ends meet.  I have 3 kiddos and the ages are widespread from elementary school to high school, a boy and two girls so finding summer fun they all agree on is not always easy!  Of course we are like every crazy busy family out there and we are enrolled in sports, swim lessons, camps, etc.  But, we still like to squeeze in our family fun time.  One thing me and my girls like to do at the beginning of the summer is create a Summer Bucket List!  This does not have to be anything fancy, but is a fun way to get excited and brainstorm about summer fun.  Click below for my FREE Printable Summer Bucket List to print out and customize your own!

Summer Bucket List

Need help getting started-some of our favorites are:

  • Water Balloons                          
  • Make Smores
  • Have a Breakfast Picnic
  • Silly String Outside
  • Go to the Pool
  • Go Bowling
  • Go on a walk at night
  • Make Strawberry Shortcake
  • Grow a garden
  • Go to a Baseball Game
  • Camp at our house
  • Go on Vacation
  • Go to the Museum
  • Have the neighbors over for a cookout

As you can quickly see, the options and ideas are endless.  So, summer is fast approaching with the unofficial start this weekend of Memorial Day, are you ready?!  Kind of a loaded question, especially if you have kids.  Yes, I’m ready with sign ups, fees paid, swim pass bought, golf pass bought, etc but I also like to think ahead and stock up of what the essentials for us will be this summer. Like for example the fridge in the garage-it is a summer essential to have this stocked with water bottles and the freezer stocked with popsicles!  On a budget this summer prep can get tricky, but watching sales seems to work the best for keeping on track, for example, at out local Piggly Wiggly 24 pack of water is on sale this week $1.79, but with a limit of 3.  So, I will be stopping by to grab 3 cases when I head to pick up kids later, and my husband will stop and get 3 cases on his way home from work:)  Creative thinking and planning makes our summers possible on a one income budget.  I also heavily utilize Amazon for summer snacks and quick summer fun ideas.

Hope sharing some of our summer excitement gets you inspired to get ready for summer!


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