Christmas Break Ideas on a Budget

Christmas Break Ideas on a Budget

  • Bake – This can be anything you want it to be from Christmas goodies to a box mix of brownies.  Things are always so much more special when you do them together.
  • Have a family movie night.  With no school the next day the kids can stay up late and watch a movie with you.  During Christmas Break, you could always do a fun and festive Christmas movie too.
  • Build A Snowman.  This one is always a hit, of course you have to have snow to do it.
  • Go Sledding-Again, must have snow for this, but always a big hit, no matter what the age.
  • Special Dinner Nights-This is a low cost way to make some fun.  Last year I put the days in a bowl and the kids each drew one.  Whatever day they got was their pick dinner night.  I will admit some pretty crazy combos happened but they had a blast.  The weirdest was cream cheese wontons, Beef Stew and HiC!!
  • In House Slumber Party- This is hands down one of my youngest favorites.  So, choose a night for a family slumber party, then all pack in the living room with blankies/pillows and have fun!!
  • Make or Decorate Gingerbread Houses- This is one we do every year. I do have to admit, we buy the house put together already! I started doing this because to be honest it was just too stressful! For candy decorations we get out a cupcake pan and fill each spot with a different candy (we use mostly leftover Halloween candy)
  • Take a Winter Walk at Night- This can be a fun family activity!  We have walked down our Main Street and window shopped on the way.
  • Family Game Night- Sometimes we make this an all nighter and I let each kid pick out a game of their choice to play with all of us.
  • Have a Smores Night- It gets SUPER Cold here in the winter, so we have Indoor Smores night! We make smores in the microwave:)
  • Make Slime- Every kid LOVES slime!
  • Go Swimming Check your local hotels or indoor waterpark, they sometimes offer swimming at a discounted rate.
  • Ice Skating/Roller Skating Sure this does cost money, but on the lower end. It is a fun experience as well.
  • Local Hockey Game-We love Hockey here-and we have a close small town team just 20 minutes away, and tickets here are only $12.  Hockey games are an awesome way to spend some family time.
  • Library- Check your library to see if they have any special activities arranged, or simply visit library and grab some books to take home and even a movie if you’d like!

Hope this list helps.  Happy time off with kiddos-enjoy the craziness and make great memories.

Happy Holidays from Crazy Happy Mom Life!

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