Surviving Winter:)

So, I know it is mid December and snow in the Midwest is unavoidable, yet still wasn’t excited for our first real snow yesterday.  Although I am not a fan, my kids LOVE it! So, like many moms last night we were pulling all newly bought snow gear out of the closet to make sure names were on it and everything fit nice.  My youngest is very similar to me and a creature of habit, so I already knew this whole new change for getting ready to go outside was going to be tough on her and me:)  Last night she was super agreeable and smiled and nodded, as I said now remember all the snow gear, like the snowpants, boots, big mittens, etc will feel different and maybe even uncomfortable until you get used to wearing them again.  I knew that went far better than it should have!  So, this morning comes and it is an early day at our house, my oldest has to be there quite a bit early so we really have to keep moving on these days.  Before the boots even went on we didn’t like our socks today, wanted to wear only short socks, (it was wind chill of 2 degrees today!) so I had her wear regular socks.  Anyway, many whines, a couple yells, and a trickle of a tear later we finally all got in the car, with boots on and snowpants and heavy gloves in a bag.  Pulling into the school lot this morning I see they aren’t even outside today because it’s too cold, so we do a quick boot change in the car and then off to line up!  As I get back into my car I think-ok winter just only about 3 more months of this-today I defeated winter!  So, as my picture says above-A shout out to all the parents out there who survived getting the kids off to school in all that snow gear!

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