12 Days of Christmas!

Yay it’s December.  A long time tradition at our at house is the 12 Days of Christmas!  The way we do it is very non-traditional but very very fun!  We start our 12 days of Christmas December 1st!  We started this many years ago and we do it December 1st-12th to help make the whole month fun!  I wanted to share this idea-you can take it and make it for you-there is no wrong way to make more Christmas fun!
So, what is the 12 days of Christmas?!  For us it is a little Christmas gift or surprise at the breakfast table each morning.  We have a lot of fun with this, most of the surprises are either from Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot.  This year I am starting off with a big one-Christmas spirit-A Christmas Narwhal the kids really wanted and Kit Kat Candy Canes. 


Here is a couple ideas we are using for our 12 days this year- wind holiday toys, melting holiday kits, antlers, Christmas squishies, holiday kit kats, snowglobes, Christmas games/toys, cards, and big Hershey kisses.  Then I also like to use fun boxes, bags and wrappings.  This is just one of our family traditions-another thing we look forward to every year!!  Happy December!



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