Finding Your Peace

Life can be absolutely unfair!  This is what I found myself thinking this morning as I was heading into the doctor for another round of my monthly injections of what I call a nightmare of a drug to help me get rid of tumors-and settle my endometriosis down.  I am a HUGE believer that thinking positive really can be the key to happiness, but some days it can be so hard.  So, today as I was rolling up my sleeve and talking to the nurse about my treatments, I realized their really is nothing good about it, the pain, the side effects, and just the worries.  So, today like many others on the treatment I have to force myself to find the positive, so for me today it’s not so easy-my positive is simply no ovarian cancer and no more surgery for now.  I know I am an over thinker so I have to try even harder.  It also helps to recall why I am doing the medical nightmare-my family, my kiddos need a mom, not just any mom a happy and healthy mom-I would go through anything for them.  Life is unfair-I think I have fully learned this by now, but truth is we can’t change life, but we can work on how we look at it. 

Truthfully, I am that mom who is trying desperately to not show how tough it is some days, I am trying to be strong and fight hard.  I wanted to share my thoughts today, because everyone is fighting their own battle.  Some people are better at hiding things than others, but please know you are not alone, you can do it, just try even a little to find your positive.   That said, I also wanted to share life is tough, it’s ok to cry, and even fall apart, as long as we remember to pick up our pieces and get back up.  This lesson is something I am really trying to teach my kids.  Life happens, unfair cards can dealt but what we do from there is up to us.  Life is tough but you are tougher! 

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