Piano for Kids

All my kids take Piano Lessons here. I did piano lessons as a kid and I remember not always (or to be honest not really ever) being too excited about them.  So, why did I put my kids in piano lessons then?! Because as an adult I actually wish I would have stuck them out a little longer.  Music is so important in life and being able to make music is amazing!  My favorite thing about music is how it can help you de stress and calm down.  One thing I have learned (by my 3rd child) going through piano lessons is that the kids will be so much more into it with the right books, worksheets, etc.  You just have to figure out what that is! 
My favorite and their favorite lines of books is Favorites by Faber.  Check them out on Amazon below:


The other thing I did to help my kiddos start out was Piano Stickers-they are really helpful to start out and removable for once you get going!  Here are the ones I bought from Amazon:

Lastly, I saw these awesome Christmas themed piano printables on Pinterest today-from My Fun Piano Studio http://www.myfunpianostudio.com/music-theory/christmas-music-worksheets/

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