Hold on-Where is the Elf on the Shelf

Just when you think you got this, life pulls you back a minute to say hold on!  Today I was feeling pretty on top of my day, got laundry done, picked up, worked on the blog, even wrote a nice post on Elf on Shelf, as I was thinking about how I need to get my things all lined up, because out elf comes Thanksgiving Night.

So, since the kids were still at school I thought I would get my stuff lined up for the Elf on the Shelf.  I went downstairs and was super surprised it was not where we usually keep it, instead its box, but empty.  I called my husband and at this time I was starting to really worry, where could it be?!  So, as you might be able to guess, the story goes on as usual, I searched the house high and low for an hour and no Elf?!  So, my hubby came to the rescue for me.  He ran to get a new Elf after work.

Now my world can go back to usual, and I will cross my fingers wherever I hid that Elf, must be good, maybe they wont find it either!!

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