Kids Stress and Anxiety-Squishy Toys

Kids can get stressed and anxious just like adults, and it may even be harder for them at their young age because they simply can’t express themselves the way we can and also don’t have the ability to adapt or finding coping mechanisms as easily as we do when we are older.   I know every child is different, has a different situation, and responds to intervention differently as well, but I wanted to share on easy fun thing we have started using at our house, just in case it will work for you!  I have a anxious child and sometimes it gets too much for her to handle, so while trying to think outside the box on things that she could do instead of crying I tried a squishy!  Now, until a couple weeks ago I’m not sure I would be able to tell you what a squishy was, but in my short description it is basically a fun shaped, and maybe even scented stress ball.  We have an ice cream cone and it really can help.  Today while checking emails I saw these scented squishies on Jane for only $6.99! ( really are fun and can be a great tool for stress and anxiety-check them out.  Would also make excellent stocking stuffers!



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