Monster Donuts-Cute Halloween Party Treat

Monster Donuts are the cutest Halloween Treat ever!  Scrolling through pinterest the other day I kept seeing pictures of monster donuts everywhere.  Well, this weekend looking at my planner I saw my note about my daughter needing to bring a sweet treat to the middle school Halloween party.  I thought hmmm I could give monster donuts a try, they looked pretty easy.  Here is what we did:

  • Ordered 2 dozen Glazed Donuts (the regular round ones with a hole in the middle)
  • Bought plastic monster teeth and some frosting for eyes. (We had planned to buy the candy eyes, but my last minuteness did not allow that-they were all out at Wal-mart:/)
  • Put them all together!
  1. Insert Monster Teeth-close them and pinch them together to put them in the holes of the donuts.  They will expand a little, but with the regular glaze donuts they seemed to do great and don’t pull the donut open). We used multi colored teeth, looks so cute!
  2. Put one or two eyes on each monster donut.  We used a green glitter frosting in a smaller tube, by Wilton.  We had thought about using mini chocolate chips for eyes since we could not get any candy eyes, but once we put on the green frosting eyes, they looked great, so we thought the monsters were complete as is!

This really was such a cute, fun and easy project!  My daughter did most of it herself and is so excited to take them to the school party.  Check out our pictures below:)  Happy Halloween!

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