Dealing With Anxiety In Young Kids

“I am worried”, this is something we hear often at our house, especially in the evening before bed.  My youngest is the sweetest, but just worries a lot.  I sometimes wonder why she worries so much, but the more I think about it, it makes perfect sense.  First off, I am a bit (or maybe more than a bit) a Type A lady, and tend to worry my fair share.  My husband and I joke that he doesn’t need to worry because I do enough for the both of us!  Secondly, she is my youngest, which I think it is harder for her (and me) to let go.  You know, you have seen how fast time really does go and you hold onto them a little tighter.

So, we do not have some perfect plan to conquer anxiety, but we are trying.  Early on, I realized whatever she is worried about is something real to her, and should not be dismissed, even though we may think it is nothing to worry about. So, I think when dealing with worrying it is important to address the worry, talk about it and decide if it is something that can we can change. Next, it is important to have a plan in place for how to deal with your worry, my favorite technique is when upset try to take a deep breathe first, it seems to help. I think everyones steps will be different and you can make a plan together with your child.  It is also really helpful to prepare as much as possible for the next day-to help alleviate any worries before they happen if you can.  This is as simple as getting things ready like clothes and lunches and also maybe a written note or schedule to help outline the day.  I think little steps like this really help.  Lastly, one BIG thing we talk about at our house, not even just for my little one but everyone is how we can react to situations.  So, if the day is not going good, try to find one good thing. It is not always a good day but usually there is something good in every day.

So, after all my that, I was still looking for another way to help ease worries.  I started to search online and I ran across this book, Wilma Jean the Worry Machine on Amazon, and I bought it.  This afternoon we read the story together and we both LOVED it.  I definitely recommend this to anyone who has a little one who worries.  Check it out: 

So, I know everyone deals with anxiety differently, but we are all in this parenthood thing together and I know I love hearing others ideas on how to help out to raise the best kids possible, but please do not let any of my above advice prevent you from seeking any additional care that may be necessary.  Thanks for letting me share what is currently working out for us!


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