Why Couponing is one of my favorite sports!

Couponing is one of my favorite sports is what I tell my family!  This is a long time joke at our house, I am always telling my kids couponing is like a sport, it takes time, practice, determination, and you just keep getting better and better at it with increased effort!  I was not always a coupon lady, I really started to coupon when I quit my nursing job 6 years ago to stay at home and raise my family.  I coupon for 2 main reasons, number one I need to financially.  It is not easy to raise a family of any size today and I also have high expectations, love nice things, and want the best for my family.  So, couponing for me is not just a hobby, but a necessity.  My number two reason is because couponing is actually really fun!  I know some people must be thinking, wow this lady is crazy, but truly when you can get such a great deal on things you truly feel a sense of accomplishment.  I think of couponing like a challenge, you need to find the item, but absolutely can not pay full price.
Couponing comes in so many different ways today.  You still have your traditional cutting out of coupons from the paper and magazines, and you can also print your coupons out at home from http://www.coupons.com, http://www.smartsource.comhttp://www.redplum.com,   http://www.kelloggsfamilyrewards.com, and many more! Watch for more posts on each individual site and how to get the most from all your sources. 
You can also save shopping in store with Apps on your smart phone while shopping.  One of my favorites is Shopkick, http://www.shopkick.com (enter Invite Code KIND783646) to sign up!  The Shopkick App you can use in store.  You turn your phone on upon entering and you will get rewarded kicks just for checking in the store, then they will have a list of products that you can simply scan while you are shopping and you will earn more kicks.  You then will be able to cash out your kicks for gift cards to stores of your choice!  It really is that simple.  Tip for getting started with this one is you do not have to complete questions or survey after each scan and you will still get your kicks I have found!
Still focusing on grocery shopping mainly, your receipt can help you keep earning cash back at home too! We live in a small town, so we do a lot of our shopping at Walmart.  The Walmart App still offers savings catcher and you should scan each receipt after shopping, this app will then check their data base if better offers anywhere else, and if there is you will get refunded the difference. Also at home I will check Ibotta, Checkout 51, Coupons.com, and Savings Star for offers to see if I bought any of the offers listed to earn more cash back, simply by sometimes scanning the product and sometimes just scanning the receipt. Check out the apps below:
Ibotta- https://ibotta.com/r/j6oxq
Checkout 51– http://www.checkout51.com
Saving Star- http://www.savingstar.com
Next, online shopping, one of my favorites!  Hands down my favorite online app to use while shopping is Ebates:

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates allows you to simply click through their website to your favorite store and offers you cash back, amount varies from store to store and even day to day.  I have earned over $680 since I joined!!!  My second favorite is Retail Me Not! This is an app I have on my phone, and you can use this for both in store or online purchases.  I recommended putting this on your phone and always always take a second to check the app before making a purchase, you may be able to save big money here and it comes right off the total, not a cash back method usually.
So, yes I totally think of couponing as a sport.  Saving money to me is a challenge and I do really enjoy it.  It is a great feeling to spend less on what you need like groceries, clothing, shoes, etc and be able to have a little extra left for fun!  Couponing is a very big part of my stay at home mom role and I am excited to share this with you on my blog~Crazy Happy Mom Life!  I have so much more to share and I will do my best to share deals, tips and offers when available!  Happy Couponing!

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