Benefits of Piano Lessons in Kids

Is it a good idea to sign your kids up for piano lessons?! I will answer absolutely yes!  I have 3 kids and all 3 have played piano starting at age 7.  Piano has so many benefits-it has been proven to help language development, hand eye coordination, concentration, and emotional health.  Starting kids at young age is a wonderful idea!  Music itself is so therapeutic and something such as piano lessons can even been an outlet for emotions.  Children who play any sort of musical instrument or the piano are also able to be more well rounded.  Piano lessons at a young age can be so helpful for the future as well, especially when your child has the opportunity to join the band at school.  My 2 oldest children are both percussion players and have been so happy they had the musical background with piano, it was definitely very beneficial for them.
Looking back, my oldest started piano 7 yrs ago! I have learned a lot of tips over the years.  One thing that was a big help to my youngest daughter was the free printable flash cards from The Perfect Start to Piano (  We printed out these free flashcards, I then laminated them and put them on a ring.  The other big Piano helper is remembering our lines and spaces by phrases.
Treble Clef
  • Lines-Every Good Boy Does Fine
  • Spaces-FACE (rhymes with space)
Bass Clef
  • Lines-Good Boys Do Fine Always
  • Spaces-All Cows Eat Grass
We also have piano key stickers at home on our piano to help my youngest who just started out.
Piano Stickers from Amazon $7.95 (
Lastly, how do you keep them interested?  A few years into piano lessons, I learned they can lose interest or not want to practice much.  My older daughter told me the songs are so boring so that is when I set out on a mission to find “Fun and Popular” piano music to grab her interest again (songs she has actually heard of before:).  My favorite line of piano books for this is Playtime Piano-Popular.
Playtime Popular-Level 1 $5.99 (
Good luck to you on your piano starting journey!



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