No Such Thing As Too Many Hair Bows

I have 2 girls and I think I can honestly say, there is no such thing as too many hair bows!  Seriously, these things seem to disappear like magic around our house.  That being said we have way more than our share! We have giant cheer bows, sparkle bows, iridescent bows, and small bows!  In fact, last year for my youngest daughters 100 day project at school we did 100 HAIR BOWS:)

Our bow collection here comes from many different places, but one of the best deals I have gotten is on Amazon with their bow packs.  I absolutely love these, for a lot of reasons, one is the type of clip, they have an alligator clip not covered in fabric which tends to stay in fine hair much better.  They also have multiple colors and come at a super price.  Check out the Amazon bow deal below-I love these!  I would recommend getting 2 packs even, then you can easily match pigtail bows, etc or when both girls in the house want or desperately need the same color bow, you would be good to go!


Amazon Deal! Set of 40 small bows for only $10.99 Prime! Hurry!!!

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