Monthly Bill Tracking~FREE Printable

Keeping track of monthly bills can definitely be a task.  I like to use a small binder with my homemade bill tracking log for each month.  By keeping it all together, not only can you know what to expect for the next month but also able to look back if any payments are in question.  I keep it very simple with my monthly bill tracker, but would be lost without it.  I have a FREE printable to share with you-it has all your usual monthly bills plus a childcare/school expense page, and a medical/pet expense page.  Please take a look for yourself, it is a PDF, so go ahead and print it out and write in your specifics as needed.  I especially like this printable because you can write in specifics and it allows for things to change up each month, as we all know, life likes to do that:)  Check out the FREE Printable:

Monthly Bill Tracker-chml

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