Perfect Planner for Preteen/Teen

The Happy Planner

Keeping it all together as kids grow up is not an easy task!  So, at the preteen/teenage years when their schedule gets busier than yours, it is a perfect time to help teach them how to manage their schedule and the happy planner is a fun way to do this.  My sister bought my daughter one and she has loved it and used it ever since.  Just an easy way to help them plan ahead and look at the week/month in advance.  They can help remember things like piano lessons, cheer practice, meetings for clubs at school, etc.  There are so many different planners out there, but this is one we use in our house and it is super fun with lots of extras available to make planning ahead fun.  Take a look at the Happy Planner with my Amazon link below-it is even on a GREAT sale right now!  These can come dated for specific years, or undated and you fill in the numbers, which can be great depending when you start, to get the most out of it. This would be an awesome Christmas gift!

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