Are Dogs Part of Your Family???

Are Dogs A Part of Your Family?

Are dogs considered part of your family?  In our house the answer is absolutely!  We have a 2 year old Labradoodle, named Bella (she is smiling in the picture above:)  We got Bella at 6 weeks old and she is most definitely not only part of the family, but very special to us.
A Labradoodle is a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.  Due to this combination Labradoodle are usually very intelligent and can be considered to be hypoallergenic and not shed really.  That being said, of course I think my dog is very smart, and to a degree hypoallergenic, but she still sheds (not near as much as some dogs) but we notice some slight shedding in the spring especially.  Labradoodles make great family dogs.  Ours is very energetic, LOVES to play, and likes to just hang out where we are, whatever we are doing.  Some Labradoodles have curly hair, which is so cute!  Our dogs hair tends to be straighter, unless she goes too long between trips to the groomers, then she gets a cute little curl to it! I would have to say Labradoodles or really any kind of doodle does require more frequent grooming.  Health wise our dog has some stomach sensitivity issues, but we have seemed to finally find a grain free food she loves and tolerates called Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe.  Along with finding the right food, we also had to experiment around to find treats that really agreed well for her too.  Below is links to our food and treats options, I wanted to share these because we really had to try a lot before finding one!

Our dog is the greatest (of course I am biased) but she is very fun, energetic, and really helps make any of us smile everyday.  I love that sometimes pets just get it and can make you feel so happy.  Do you have any pets that are an important part of your family?!!


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