Fave 5 Money Saving Apps

 Fave 5 Money Saving Apps

I love to get a good deal or save money whenever I can, so I use my iPhone to save extra change with each trip to the store.  Below are my top 5 favorite money saving apps that I would love to share with you.  It may not seem like lots of savings at once, but it takes no time at all to save up for gift cards or deposits into your paypal account.  Some people seem to prefer this way to save instead of traditional coupons, however I personally do both!

  • IBOTTA-This is one of my absolute favorites. I love how fast your amount adds up and before you know it you can cash out for a gift card!  Ibotta has rebates or cash back offers you can choose from many stores. Then, you shop and after scan your receipt from the store or some stores you can link your store savers card right to your account so no scanning is necessary, for example I do this with my Piggly Wiggly savings card. This is such an easy was to earn extra cash back.  Check out Ibotta for yourself through my referral link!  https://ibotta.com/r/j6oxq


  • SAVING STAR- This app also has various offers you can add and then you shop, some stores you can directly link your your store savers card and others you will have to take a picture of the receipt and submit your offers.  Saving Star will walk you through the process, but you may need to scan the barcode of the actual product and then submit the receipt in this app.  With Saving Star you can cash out after a savings of $5, and this can be sent to your paypal account or also has gift card options. https://savingstar.com/


  • CHECKOUT 51- This app works very similar to Ibotta and Savings Star.  First you choose your offers and then will be required to snap a picture of your receipt.  The main difference with Checkout 51 is that you will not be able to cash out or receive cash back until you reach $20, which can take some time, however it’s totally worth it, getting a $20 check in the mail!  https://www.checkout51.com


  • WALMART SAVINGS CATCHER- This is by far a quick way to earn cash back on whatever you buy!  Walmart Savings Catcher is available through the Walmart App. You will need to go to services tab, then click on Savings Catcher.  Then from here all you will need to do is scan your Walmart receipt.  Savings Catcher will check other competitor stores for lower prices on items you purchased.  Once your receipt is reviewed (up to 48 hrs usually) you will get an email stating no better deals found or you get cash back!!  From that point you can let savings build up or transfer your savings to a Walmart gift card at any time.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!


  • SHOPKICK- This is app took me a little while to start really enjoying it, but once I got the hang of it, you can earn a $2 or $5 gift card in just a few trips to the store.  So, with the Shopkick app, you earn kicks, and once you reach so many you can cash those out.  You can earn check in kicks (easiest ones) just by opening the app at the entrance to the store, scanning product kicks (also easy, just takes a few extra seconds at the store), and purchases of featured products.  You can also earn kicks by inviting friends.  I would like to invite you to give this app a try!  The following is my referral link:  I think you’ll really like this app 😀 We’ll both get points toward a free gift card when you try it! Use code KIND783646 or download http://get.shopkick.com/mustard18378 .




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