Water Bottles @ School

Water Bottles-these are something we use everyday, especially with kids! Do your kids get to take a water bottle to school with them daily? Do you use reusable water bottles? Here we take a water bottle to school everyday, this is something I did not get to do back when I was a kid, but as my kids tell me “everyone does it now”.  So, as a mom I have a couple of things I really look for when buying a water bottle.  First off, no matter what it has to be DISHWASHER SAFE.  We are just too busy in the evening for me to add that to my to do list!  Secondly, I prefer a water bottle has some sort of a lid or closes so the spout or part that touches the mouth is not getting dirty all the time.  Lastly, I always try to consider durability.  My kids will definitely be dropping this bottle all the time!

That said I have tried MULTIPLE water bottles and come up with a few of our favorites.  Now remember I have 3 kids and you all know that means they do not all usually prefer the same thing:) For younger kids my favorite is the Thermos Funtainer, which comes in a few different sizes (12 or 16oz) too and super cute designs to help fit whatever personality you are trying for. Another plus is that they are Thermos and help keep water cold longer and they don’t sweat too bad. Here is a couple links from my go to spot-Amazon.

For my older kiddos, we have to go with a see through bottle.  Our schools require the bottle to be see through so teachers can tell it is only water inside.  I will admit I have tried multiple different water bottles but we currently are using and happy with Nike Water Bottles.  They meet all my guidelines and seem to be holding up with the tough day to day use. Although they are not Thermos and do sweat a little bit more than the Thermos ones, we still really like them. Check out these on Amazon too!

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