Christmas Planning

It’s never too early to start getting ready for Christmas!!!  Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday for so many reasons.  However, Christmas can be stressful as well.  One of my biggest stressors at Christmas is extra financial pressure.  I think it is not only just a good idea but it is necessary to start Christmas shopping early.  I actually like to Christmas shop year round, I always have a mental Christmas list going and keep this on my radar when shopping.

We have MANY MANY traditions, but fun advent calendars for each kid is something we always have done.  We do like to change things up though and last year we tried the Lego Advent Calendars.  THEY LOVED !!! In my opinion this is totally worth the money, some small lego treat to look forward to each day:)  Check out the different Lego Advent Calendar options below. Lego Friends, Lego Star Wars and Lego City!


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