Keeping It All Together


     Wow, school is back in session and schedules seem crazy! I have 3 kids all in 3 different schools this year, all separated out just right for age.  I know everyone comes up with their own ways to “keep it all together” for their families, but I wanted to share some of mine with you.

  • Technology- So, we all have iPhones, (except for my youngest in primary school).  I am not quite sure how I ever survived before iPhones, I have very much so grown accustom to the ease of communication with family members and overall.  At this time we just use the already installed calendar app.  I have all phones linked to share this calendar and each person has an assigned color for the calendar, so that way everyone can keep an eye on what is going on each day.  I also love this app, because I am a HUGE lover of reminders, I hear the beep and know to double check and make sure I don’t forget anything!
  • Whiteboard Wall- I created an area in our dining room/kitchen to put the schedule for the week right up on the wall.  You know the saying out of sight out of mind, so I figured out in plain sight will help us out.  Initially I started out will a large whiteboard and used different color markers for each person, however as the years have passed and the kids have grown and are into WAY MORE ACTIVITIES, even the XXL board was not big enough, so now we use regular size whiteboards, and one for each day.  So yes if you are trying to visualize this-we have 7 whiteboards in a cluster on the wall (it actually looks great:) Below is a my amazon affiliate link for the whiteboards and colored dry erase markers to help get you organized!
Dry Erase Board 11×14


Expo Dry Erase Markers, fine point, assorted colors

  • Good Old Fashioned Notes-I have to be honest, although I do love my calendar on my phone, I also keep a paper planner and use post it notes like nobody's business!!  I remember I used to think all my moms notes when I was young was just silly, but they truly are necessary.  That being said, I also leave post it reminder for my husband, my kids, and of course me:) To start out the new school year, I leave a post with the day activities and a don't forget reminder for the kids on the breakfast table.  This is great for things like, don't forget your cheer bag, golf bag, glasses, water bottles, or even cold lunch.  One thing I do like a lot about post its is that they come in fun sizes and colors, so helps make them stand out and makes keeping it together more fun.



Post It 3×3, assorted colors

This of course is just a few ways to help us keep it all together and navigate out CRAZY daily schedules. It takes a lot to keep a family running smoothly and even though its not always going to be possible, keeping the schedule organized certainly will help.


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